I've met incredibly talented chefs, and I know that we don't cook at home the complicated recipes we cook at the restaurants.  Like everybody else, we don’t want to spend two hours in our home kitchen on a Tuesday night.  Home cooking is about ease and practicality.  


This book is for everybody who wants to eat healthy and plant-based, every day.


You will love this food.  And you will run faster, jump higher, sleep better, and you’ll feel great after every meal.

Chef Fernando is a plant-based entrepreneur, who founded the first fast-casual whole foods plant-based restaurants in America. Fernando trained at Le Cordon Bleu, has a BS in Economics, and an MBA from Penn State.

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Easy, for Everyday Vegan Cooking

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  • Natural delicious flavors

  • Recipes under 30 minutes

  • Few and flexible ingredients

  • Ingredients that people have at home

  • Simple techniques

  • Under $2.50 per serving

  • Few steps, easy to follow

  • Easy plating

  • One pot meals