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Other than quick few-ingredient salads and sandwiches, I have a few frequent go-to meals that I know I can whip up quickly when my wife is hungry and impatient, one of them is pasta.  I have it like clock-work: first, get warm water from the faucet and get it to boil, about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile I start dicing veggies, like onions, peppers and mushroom.  Once it boils, whole wheat pasta goes in and it will cook in about 12 minutes.  Meanwhile, I'm figuring out the sauce: I can blend tahini...

 I know a lot of people who always follow the recipes to the letter.  While this is important in professional cooking, baking and complex recipes, it is totally unnecessary in casual everyday cooking.  At my home, recipes are not set in stone; we can replace most ingredients in any recipe and I can always find something to do with the stuff I have at home.  Also, being flexible with the ingredients allows me to give preference to seasonal and local vegetables, which are...

A few things happened at about the same time: my dad had a quadruple bypass, I learned more about the spectacular cruelty suffered by farmed animals, I read about Buddhism, and I understood that a plant-based diet is, by far, the one action by which a person can have the greatest positive impact on stopping the destruction of our planet.  At the same time that we save animals and the planet, our body also performs at a much higher level. 

What led you to take, or consider the...

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