People who deidicated their lives to the plant-based cause

When it wasn't profitable or fashionable, these outstanding women and men were trailblazers in their fields and helped all of us find our way into the plant-based lifestyle

  • Over 50 years dedicated to scientific plant-based nutrition research; author of The China Study, the most comprehensive research ever done, relating nutrition and health.  He is a strong advocate that nutrition must be analyzed in a systemic way, rather than the reductionist perspective of individual substances.  

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  • After decades as a Surgeon, Dr. Esselstyn became convinced that preventing and reversing heart disease with a WFPB Nutrition is a better way.  He is also an Olympic gold medal recipient for the USA Rowing team and earned a Bronze Star in Vietnam.

  • Gene Baur has dedicated his life to the causes of plant-based nutrition and animal welfare.  From his early adulthood, he exposed the cruelty of animal farms, raised funds for animal shelters and advocated eating plants.  Gene is the Farm Sanctuary, which shelters rescued farm animals in NY and CA.

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  • Nelson is the Director of the movie PlantPure Nation, and founder of PlantPure, which delivers affordable WFPB meals across America.  Mr Campbell also launched the grasroots Healing America movement, which seeks to transform our relationship with food, the environment, animals, farming, and healthcare, through a plant-based lifestyle. 

  • Dr. Neal Barnard

    Dr. Barnard is a physician and clinical researcher, dedicated to responsible medicine that focuses in nutritional and lifestyle choices.  Over 30 yeard ago, he founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, to promote the cause and engage other physicians.

  • Dr Greger is a physician and researcher dedicated to highlight the importance of nutrition in prevention and reversal of chronic conditions, such as Diabetes type 2.  He founded to make sure the general public can be better informed on nutrition and its relation with health.

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  • Dr. McDougall is an Internal Medicine physician who has advocated for the past 50 years for a plant-based nutrition lifestyle in order to promote health.  Dr. McDougall famously advocates for starches as an important and foundational component of a healthy human diet. 

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  • Dr. Lisle is a psychologist who researches the mechanism by which we determine and assign value to things and  each other.  An enthusiastic supporter of WFPB nutrition, Dr. Lisle has helped countless people understand the "pleasure trap" that attracts us to junk foods, and how to break that cycle.

  • Howard is a former rancher, who decided to walk away from farming animals and dedicate his life to promote animal welfare, organic farming and a plant-based nutrition, after he overcame a life threatening spinal tumor.  

  • Kitty Block is an attorney and animal rights activist, who has dedicated most of her live to unveil animal cruelty and abuse and drive societal change across the world.  She currently serves are the President of the Humane Society International and USA 

  • Ingrid Newkirk has been an animal rights activist since 1972, and she co-founded PETA in 1980, where she continues to serve as president.  While the largest animal rights organization in the world draws controversy for being both too radical and not being radical enough, their achievements in advancing the cause of animal welfare are unquestionable. 

  • Char Nolan is a writer and  promoter committed to support leaders and entrepreneurs in the plant-based community.  Her work over the last decades has been instrumental to advance WFPB nutrition across America and around the world, and she is representative of the many heroes who passionately dedicate their lives, behind the scenes, so that our cause may prosper.